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They are abnormal sensations that can occur anywhere in the body but are often felt in the fingers, hands, feet, arms or legs. Other names of numbness is Loss of sensation, paresthesias, loss of sensation, tingling. There are 10 main causes /tingling: 1. Sitting for a long time is the main cause of numbness. 3. Pressure on the spinal nerves, as a result of a herniated disc . 4. Pressure in peripheral nerves by enlarged blood vessels, tumors, scar tissue or infection.

6. Lack of blood supply to an area (for eg, atherosclerosis or freezing). The diagosing of the condition can make the symptoms disappear or prevent worse. For example, if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or low back pain, your doctor may recommend certain exercises. If you have diabetes, your doctor will discuss the ways to control blood sugar levels. Low levels of vitamins will be treated with vitamin supplements. You may be switched or adjust medications that cause numbness or tingling. You should not change or stop taking any medicines nor take larger doses of any vitamins or supplements until you have consulted with the doctor.

As the numbness can cause a decrease in sensitivity, you may be more likely to accidentally injure a numb hand or foot. Take precautions to protect the area from cuts, bumps, bruises, burns or other injuries. Get the treatment of numbness done when, 1. Having pain, numbness or muscle weakness as a result of physical trauma that affects the spine, such as a fall or 2. car accident. 3. Has difficulty moving limbs. 4.

Has a loss or problems with bladder control. 5. Fever or severe headache. 6. Patient is over 60 years and has been taking steroids for a long time. 7. Chest pain or left arm pain. 8.

You are pregnant. 9. In cases of acute back pain and he does not produce any improvement after 72 hours of self-treatment at home. Presented chronic back pain for over 6 weeks. Other ways of treatment of Numbness  Treatment for a pinched nerve usually involves resting the affected area. Medication may be prescribed to relieve pain. In some cases, surgery is recommended. You can also use physical therapy and splints or collars.

The treatment for peripheral neuropathy often focuses on treating the condition that caused, for example, control diabetes or to repair a ruptured disc. It may also recommend physical therapy. How to prevent numbness? 1. You can lower your risk for peripheral neuropathy: 2. Eat well 3. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption 4. Avoid exposure to toxic chemicals 5.

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